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Thanksgiving…The season has started(English version)

Thanksgiving…The season has started(English version)

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Thanksgiving is, as you know, at November 26th. In preparation of the season, Wagenaar Poelier is busy ordering the turkeys, optimalising the recipies for the stuffing, and printing the order forms.

Traditionally, we offer the turkeys custom made.
They can be ordered raw, roast, whether or not filled with bread filling or minced meat filling, with or without gravy; you name it!

You can order from Oct 21th.
The turkeys are ready for you in the store on the date and time you have chosen. And we even deliver them!

These are the options:

Raw 2-10 kg € 16.40

Raw and filled 2-10 kg

Bread filling or minced meat filling 16.40 p / kg

Roasting: € 15.00 each, with or without gravy

Pick up cold or hot

Have it delivered cold or hot

As you can see, there are many possibilities to make your Thanksgiving a special celebration. Wagenaar Poelier Traiteur is there to serve you at any time possible.