THANKSGIVING cooked Turkey


Filling options:
With or without filling

Mincemeat filling (Gehaktvulling): ground turkey, white port and forest mushrooms

Choose what kind of seasoning (Gekruid); salt and pepper, chicken seasoning, or no seasoning

You can choose to pick up the turkey when it’s hot, or have it delivered. Add these details under ‘Bestellingnotities’, or ‘order notes’ in the paying screen.

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We charge about 500 grams of meat per person with bone

The filling is approximately:
1 kilo for the 2- to 5-kilo turkey
1.2 pounds for the 5 to 7 pound turkey
1.5 pounds for the 7 to 11 pound turkey

Gravy is included in this order!



alleen met peper en zout, kipkruiden, niet gekruid


2 kilo, 2,5 kilo, 3 kilo, 3,5 kilo, 4 kilo, 4,5 kilo, 5,5 kilo, 5 kilo, 6 kilo, 6,5 kilo, 7 kilo, 7,5 kilo, 8 kilo, 8,5 kilo, 9 kilo, 9,5 kilo, 10 kilo


Geen vulling, Gehaktvulling


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